What is Offered for Children?
Encouraging Children in Faith
From the time you’re in the nursery until the time you’re a young adult, there’s a spot for you to learn, to participate, to grow,
and to give of yourself.

Nursery -Each Sunday during the worship service our little ones (6 weeks through age 2) meet downstairs for age-
appropriate Christian activities. Every Sunday, Sunday School teachers are there to nurture your child during the worship
service. If you prefer to have your infant/child stay with you in worship, we encourage that too. If your child should become
“fussy” we have a comfort room in the chapel, which is located at the back of the sanctuary where you can still hear and
participate in the worship service.

Sunday School -The children and youth of the church, age 2 through high school, can participate in Sunday School.

10:15 a.m.   Sunday School Classes

Sunday School classes are a great foundation for Christian Education.  

Mission projects -Our children and youth participate in mission projects for people in other countries, here in the U.S. and in
Manchester. Some examples are the Souper-Bowl Sunday, MACC Food Drive, and Thanksgiving Baskets.

Camp Wightman -We are very fortunate to have an American Baptist Camp only 1 hour away. Camp Wightman is located on
220 acres at beautiful Billings Lake in Griswold, CT. Everyone is encouraged to attend the great summer programs that this
camp offers. There are various programs for children through adults, including a Family Camp and a Grandparents with
Grandchildren Camp. There are also opportunities for youth to become counselors in training, junior counselors and
eventually a counselor for the camp. Scholarship funds are available for those in need. Please see or call Becky for more

Book Cart-Through the redemption of bottles and cans that people bring in we have a flourishing Children, Youth and Adult
library which is in our Media Room. Everyone is encouraged to check out a book, movie or a CD to enhance their Christian

And much more... CBC people who like to sing visit a local convalescent home several times each year to share some
favorite carols and songs, some participate in Camp Wightman workdays,  and participate in local fund raisers.
On an annual Children’s Sunday in June, our kids lead the worship service. There is also a Children’s Christmas Program.
Throughout the year, youth are encouraged to be lay readers, ushers, helpers/leaders for Sunday School classes and special

During the summer months, we continue to provide nursery care during worship as well as two Sunday School classes: one
for 2 & 3 year olds, the other is a combined class for 4 year olds to grade 5. Our belief is that unlike the secular world, our
Christian Education offerings do not take a vacation in the summer, but continue year round. Youth in grade 6 and older are
encouraged to remain in the worship service, a healthy Christian practice that we encourage early on, and to help out with the
summer Sunday school classes on a rotating basis.
585 East Center Street
Manchester, CT 06040