Get Involved ...
The Fellowship Team has become aware of a growing need within our church
family. Some members find it more difficult to do some chores that just a few years
ago were considered to be quite simple. If you would be willing to donate a small
amount of your time and talent, whatever talent that might be, please contact any
of your church team leaders.
Do you feel called to help lead worship?
If you feel that you'd like to help share in leading worship, please contact the church
office for more information.
Job Opportunity - Help Wanted

Positions Available: Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Basses (for vocal choir). Ability to read
music helpful, and also to be able to count to 4 (for the hand-bell choir).

Physical Qualifications: You must be able to carry a light musical note part way across
the sanctuary, and to move your arms in a circular motion. Applicant must have vision
good enough to see the director ten (10) feet away, (negotiable!).

Retirement: After fifty (50) years or more of faithful service to the Lord, you may sit in
the congregation and listen to others, (negotiable!).

Beginning Wages: Guaranteed satisfaction and joy in the service of the Lord and His
church.  Please think about making a "joyful noise" to God and offering your praise
through song.

Any questions, please contact the church office.
Fringe Benefits: Social Security. We can assure the
security of social fellowship with other members of each

Opportunity for Advancement: Members who demonstrate
ability, courage, and willingness, may become soloists,
"dueters" and the like. This is also true for the handbells!
Community Baptist Church
585 East Center Street
Manchester, CT 06040