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We are looking forward to another fun-filled week of Vacation Bible School this summer!
Superheroes in Training is going to be during the week of July 30– August 3. Over the course
of the week, the children, kindergarten thru 5th grade, learn about the fruits of the spirit that
make a real superhero: Goodness, Joy, Love, and Kindness.

Pastor Mark Egli with the help of Christine Cardoso will develop the curriculum for the week.
Each aspect of our superhero VBS–the lessons, the music, the crafts, the games, and even
the snacks–are designed to support our superhero and fruits of the spirit theme. In total, we
hope to have approximately 50 children enroll in VBS classes during the week. The VBS
Committee was beyond thrilled with the turnout last summer, and is already looking forward to
this summer's program. (after a little bit of a rest!).

Thank you to everyone at Community Baptist Church, and the Joy Circle who supported
Vacation Bible School last summer. Through your time and talents and your prayers, we feel
that we were able to share the love of Christ with the youth of our church and community.
Please contact Christine with any questions... at
Vacation Bible School!!!!